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FOX Business
Aug 6, 2013 4:00pm EDT
is what it is. what do you sayythe to 14,000 or so employees in round rock, texas who are dieing to revive this company, that the pc business, frankly a dinosaur at this point or not, i don't know. what's your plan? to revive that part of the business or server business? what excites you about dell? >> excitement about dell is it very undervalued. that is what we look to do is purchase undervalued companies. pc business is going through secular change. pc business is not over. pcs will be used in enterprise although in a different way. i think enterprises you will have a keyboard. you will have a mouse. you will have a screen but it will be a pc. you're going to have service. in back office somewhere. but dell is very important. dell is really a distributor in the pc business and i think they're very fortunate that microsoft and intel and companies like that and that is not going away. and actually dell makes over 3 billion a year. this last quarter i think earnings were manipulated. they went into a price war and then go out and scare everybody. so i think the pc business is going
FOX Business
Aug 16, 2013 4:00pm EDT
california but places like texas and florida. >> perhaps my a photographer can take a look on the inside but just to start at the entry level is of the 5,000 but imagine you'll have to shell out a few more coins? >> yes but the leather is exclusive. benicia mother that has been aged and also though wood is the first time used in south america and the first time in an automobile. it is usually an a yacht. this is the detail going into black label also unique experiences on the ownership side as well. >> there are different levels described jet black does that fall below this one or different variants that make it desirable? >> so this is like a chocolate theme, brown, said the jet black is called center stage with a bright orange headliner so someone that was to be in the spotlight. we have white ian black and is very interesting that is more flat -- fleshy like somebody would want though white couch in their house. then six different colors on the outside plus each team has different options, wheels, floor mats, even pinstriping. >> this was a big launch when they announced this last yea
FOX Business
Aug 21, 2013 4:00pm EDT
northern and southern california. which have been very hot. texas has been hot. in dallas, houston, doing very well. florida has had a really good summer, which we wouldn't have expected. liz: hoboken, frank' frank sinaa would have been proud. what are the big trends? >> the pond and so many housing recession through the big house is dead, everybody wants a smaller home. we don't see that even through the downturn we continue to sell big homes, the clients have upgraded to the same extent they did in good times. so the american dream is still move the kids to the suburbs to a great school district, try bigger lot, a bigger home, but there is a trend to get back into the cities, empty-nesters are selling their suburban homes moving into cities. the active adult market is growing as the baby boomers hit the magic age of 55. it is the american dream to get to the suburbs but that is now being filled in by cities being hot with active adults. liz: i promised i would ask what is your outlook for housing appreciation, price appreciati appreciation. i know there are many different levels.
FOX Business
Aug 27, 2013 4:00pm EDT
there a message there? other cities and states that did differently like texas for example, are doing pretty well. >> we did exactly that. we pulled government out of the film. it doesn't talk about politics. we connect to the consumer. we can argue about who we want in office or who we want next. david: we don't want crooks in office and there is no argument there. that's what detroit had. >> no doubt. david: any politician, i will go to you, any politician who promises stuff they can't deliver, who problem is contracts to public sector unions, there is no possibility of being able to really follow through on, should be in jail as far as i'm concerned. >> no, absolutely. i think that you know, when you hear politicians make promises over and over again, sooner or later we have to roll up our sleeves. as consumers that's what we want to look at, focus on demand. if we can demand american-made goods, companies are listening trying to figure out how they make things here. those companies put pressure on washington for the right policies to be made. that kind of flows up. david: le
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4